A First Time For Everything: A Hiatus

This is the 45th post on my blog. For 45 weeks straight, I have written and shared with you my new experiences, even though I’ve been doing these First Time Fridays for over a year — 60 weeks, to be exact.

It is with great sadness that I tell you I’m not sure when my next post will be, if ever. You see, I’ve run out of new things to do.

That’s not completely true. I still want to travel west to California, write a book, and learn how to make guacamole. But these are all things I can’t presently achieve — life, including work and other responsibilities, makes it difficult to continue trying something new on a weekly basis.

Okay, I could probably learn how to make guacamole right now, but have you seen the price of avocados?! A girl’s gotta make bank before she can splurge, especially on something that’s not a necessity.

This whole First Time Friday idea started back in August 2013 when I had fro-yo for the first time. If you had told me then that that experience would turn into a blog and over a year of new experiences, I would have laughed.

Looking back, I realize many of the firsts I blogged about were a bit trivial; how many times can you try a new restaurant and make it exciting? But some of these experiences were genuinely life changing. For starters, you can only get on a plane and fly solo to Chicago for the first time once in your life. You can only try coffee once, and your first experience as a college grad only happens a single time in your lifetime.

This post is partially inspired by Bob Goff, who quit something every Thursday. I can’t say for sure that I’m “quitting” this blog, but I am definitely taking a break from it, a hiatus. I am not one to ever quit on something, but it’s time to try something new — even if that means giving something up — and that means not blogging every week.

This decision wasn’t an easy one to make. I wanted so badly to make it to a straight year of blogging. I still want to continue to challenge myself and try new things. And I will, just not on a regular weekly basis.

Perhaps in the future I will have the funds to achieve all of my goals. I pray for a future filled with new activities, happiness, and one spent with friends and family.

Thank you all for reading and coming along on these journeys with me. It was with great pleasure that I documented and shared this part of my life with you.

Below are some of highlights of my First Time Friday blogging experience:

photo 1 (3)Alex has been a part of First Time Fridays more than anyone else.

photo 2 (3)

Words to live by.

lake ripples

Vermont will always be beautiful.

photo (2)

This is my shortest post, at only 69 words long, but this selfie with Lou DiMasi is my most popular post, with 152 views.


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