Trader Joe’s: Missed Opportunity Not A Loss

In middle school, I went shopping with my friend Katie and her mom. I can’t remember if we went to Westchester or Paramus, New Jersey, but either way, it was an area with different stores than we have near us.

After perusing all of the high-end retail stores, her mom made a quick stop at Trader Joe’s.

Whenever I went to Katie’s house, they always had something delicious to eat from Trader Joe’s, a grocery store I had never heard of.

Unfortunately, after that day at the mall, Katie and I decided to look in the store next door while her mom went grocery shopping, meaning I never got to experience the specialty that is Trader Joe’s.

While in Vermont for Alumni Weekend two months ago, I finally had the pleasure of experiencing all that is Trader Joe’s for the first time since a store had just opened in South Burlington.

photo 2 (2)

I went with my friend Amber, who had a little bit of grocery shopping to do. While she went around crossing items off of her list, I wandered around, wondering what was so special about this store.

They had a lot of frozen foods, and a lot of cheap wine. I like the packaging of their foods, but since I was only visiting Vermont for one more day, I didn’t really need any food.

However, I did like that they have an entire aisle devoted to granola. I ended up buying a bag of Simply Almonds, Cashews & Chocolate Trek Mix, which was delicious; despite their “great food and great prices,” $4.99 was a little more than I’d ordinarily spend on granola, so I thought of it as a treat to myself.

photo 3 (2) copy

Amber did get a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables for a lot cheaper than she would have at a competing grocery store, so I’ll give them that.

photo 1 (2) copy

While in Connecticut last month with my brother for our Boston adventure, we stopped at the Danbury Trader Joe’s so he could experience the store for the first time.

He wasn’t impressed at all with it, and again I found myself at a grocery store with no real purpose. We did end up getting more granola (a different kind) and some Cliff Bars, so the detour wasn’t a complete waste.

Trader Joe’s is a nice store and I like their unique checkout system, but since we don’t have one in our area, it won’t be a store I frequent too often.


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