All American

While in Vermont for Alumni Weekend, I had the opportunity to enjoy American Flatbread for the first time with my friend, and former roommate, Amber.

I had never heard of American Flatbread until all of my college friends began talking about the new restaurant opening downtown. Amber and I went on Sunday afternoon, which ended up working out well, as neither of us had dinner plans.


Since it was such a nice day, we sat outside, which was probably a good thing; I just read an article that claims the building American Flatbread is located in is haunted with ghosts and spirits. I’m not at all a fan of scary movies or apparitions, so I’m glad we had the option to sit outside.

The restaurant asks that patrons do not take pictures, so I was only able to snap a quick one of the delicious pizza we ordered.

photo (2)

We decided on a free-form flatbread with green peppers. Every ingredient on the menu is natural, as their philosophy is to serve good-for-you and sustainable foods. While their prices were pretty fair considering the quality of the ingredients used, I wish they had put more peppers on the pizza!

Amber and I chatted as we scarfed down our meal. Currently, Amber is student-teaching in a middle school, so I got to hear about her experiences thus far. She sure is busy (especially with all of that lesson planning and reflecting!), so I was super happy she took some time to relax and eat good food!

All in all, it was a great meal, and a great excuse to catch up with Amber. If you ever find yourself downtown, I highly suggest checking out this new eatery!


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