Back On Campus

Last weekend I journeyed back to SMC for Alumni Weekend. Surprisingly, this wasn’t my first time on campus as a graduate, but it was the first time I was on campus as a grad with school in session.

Some people were beyond excited to see me around; others gave me funny looks, as if I shouldn’t have been there. Regardless, I was so happy to reunite with old friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen since before they spent a semester abroad.

I had a handful of new experiences that weekend, most notably, staying in a townhouse. In my “senior” year, I lived in a suite. I had friends who lived in townhouses, and although I visited their homes often, I had no reason to spend the night there.

photo 4 (1)

I stayed in #TH214 with my friends Cait, Merrill, Alex and Lauren, who, yes, even started a hashtag for their house. As usual, I washed all of the dirty dishes after our family-style dinners as we talked and talked about our lives. It was so nice to lodge with some of my favorite people on campus, and I truly felt at home in their house.

My time on campus and in the townhouse were great. I never thought I’d get to catch up with so many different people all at once, nor did I think we could execute another Roommate Recap — but we did and we went to Moe’s!

photo 2 (2)

Alumni weekend was honestly one of the best weekends I’ve had all year. Stay tuned to see what other new experiences the weekend brought me!


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