America’s Drive-In

There we were, in the middle of Newburgh, our stomachs rumbling.

My mom and I decided to take the 30-minute drive to the Newburgh Mall in search of a Saturday of cheap deals and a break from the weekend monotony.

After only an hour of walking up and down the vacant aisles of the mall and going in and out of even emptier shops, we found ourselves driving down the road in search of someplace to eat.

Usually when I go out, I’ll bring my own lunch. But that day I don’t think I found anything in the house that I wanted.

In the past year, I haven’t eaten out at fast food places too much. Usually, after my parents drove me back to college, our lunch would consist of something quick so they could get back on the road and arrive home at a decent time.

However, I will easily admit I’m a sucker for Wendy’s, since we don’t have one in my town.

As we drove down the highway, scanning the eateries on either side of the road, our tummies groaned louder and louder. For one thing, my mom and I aren’t good quick decision makers. My mom could ask me what I want for dinner and I could spend hours weighing my options and never completely decide on one thing.

Out of desperation, we immediately decided to try Sonic’s. Once, a few summers ago, my mom and I pulled into the new Sonic’s a town over from us, read the menu, and, ironically, knew immediately we didn’t want to eat here. Today we had a change of heart.

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)

We pulled up to the drive through and ordered a chicken strip, tater tot and toast combination lunch. The chicken was just like KFC’s, the tater tots reminded me of elementary school brunch lunch, and I was left wondering how a piece of soggy white bread could be deemed “toast.”

It wasn’t a great meal, but it held us off until we got home and enjoyed a family dinner.

We ended up leaving Newburgh with only one shopping bag, half-full stomachs and a new experience under our belts.


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