First Time FaceTime Friday

It started with a SnapChat.

Amber had sent it, and the photo that encapsulated my phone’s screen for 10 seconds displayed three of my former suitemates, all together, back at school.

I was the only one missing.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if I knew I’d soon be back on campus with them, but since I already graduated, looking at this image made me feel empty.

Last semester, the four of us started Roommate Recap, which is pretty self-explanatory. Every time the four of us were all together in the suite, we’d sit down just to chat and share what each of our busy schedules had planned for us. This gave us time to relax, kept me sane while writing my thesis, and also formed the basis for lasting friendships. 

photo 3 (2)

Me, Monica, Amber, and Taylor at one of our last Roommate Recaps, when we went out to dinner.

This year, I’m living in an entirely different state, and my three former roommates are all living in separate housing on campus.

As I continued to SnapChat Amber about how much I missed them and school, Monica decided to FaceTime me.

I’ve had my iPhone for five months now and had never used this function, despite the fact that I’ve spent countless hours video chatting with friends and family on Skype. 

I was overwhelmed with emotion when three beautiful faces popped up on my phone. It was the first time we’ve all “seen” each other together since May. 

photo 1

A sceenshot from our FaceTime!

I was so delighted that we were continuing our tradition of Roommate Recap with me being so far away and all of our busy schedules. However, along with those feelings of happiness, I was also very sad.

For the first time, it really hit me that I’m not going back to school. It’s over. Done. 

Even though the four of us had never FaceTimed before, our conversation flowed naturally. It seemed like we hadn’t even been apart. We talked about our summers and what our plans are for the coming year. It was great to catch up just like old times. 

I guess you could say my first time FaceTime-ing was bittersweet. While I was both happy and sad to video chat with my friends, I didn’t really like how FaceTime works. For starters, I felt like I had to hold my phone directly in front of my face so that my head didn’t look huge. And it was also strange that when I looked at my friends talking to me, it didn’t appear as if I were looking straight at them, but rather to one side (due to the fact that I was holding my phone in landscape).

But, like anything in life, it will get better with time — it just takes getting used to. I’m sure that I’ll be more comfortable next time I FaceTime.

Although I know I’ll see my friends in just a few weeks when I drive up to visit for alumni weekend, things will never be like they were last year. No longer are we four girls living within feet of one another and sharing a bathroom. Now we’re four friends who will do anything just to sit down together and chat. 

photo 2 (2)

Our last in-person Roommate Recap, when Tim decided to join us. 


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