Nepal + Sunsets + Friendship = Lapsy

My taste buds recently went on a trip to Nepal, and without a passport.

I was so happy to finally reunite with my friend, Prahelika, who spent three weeks this summer in Nepal visiting family. As we raced along the highway on a last-minute decision to view the quickly setting and absolutely stunning sunset from the mountains, she told me about her adventures. 

As we parked at the top of the plateau, we realized we had just missed the sun, but could still watch the sky as it turned from shades of blue to bright pink and finally gray.

Prahelika brought with her this baggie, and even though I spotted it when she first stepped in my car, I didn’t ask about it.

As we stared at the sky, she asked if I wanted to try Lapsy. I had no idea what it was.

She explained that Lapsy is a fruit grown in Nepal, and is often turned into sweet and sour candies. 

I was all in.

photo 3 (2)

Prahelika laughed at how ridiculous I looked trying to take my own picture while tasting the candy/fruit. And let’s face it, I do look like a baby in this photo.

photo 1 (2)

Prahelika tried to imitate me, but came out looking far better!

photo 2 (2)

I didn’t find it spicy, as it often is, and I didn’t think it was sour, either. It was definitely sweet, but not as sugary as American candy.   

It was a soft candy, and the center was squishy like jelly. I liked it. 

Prahelika and I had a great night catching up and even got a few nice shots of the sunset, which fell just behind the Mohonk Mountain House.  

photo 4 (1)


photo 5 (6)

Even though I won’t be visiting Nepal anytime soon, I will always remember the small sample Prahelika brought me.  


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