Road Trip Part II: NH & ME

Last weekend I drove to my friend Merrill’s house in New Hampshire. This was the first time we’d seen each other since December — a total of 192 days, or six months, depending how you look at it — and the first time I’ve been in the state where you “live free or die.”

ImageIt was so nice to finally see Merrill again, and to hug her, since she studied abroad in Ireland last semester and could only correspond via text, Facebook or a phone call. Merrill got me this super cool turquoise bag from Poland that has a bike on it. I love it!


Almost immediately after arriving at her house, we were back in the car and heading to her family’s summer rental house in Maine. Immediately after getting on the road, our mouths started moving a mile a minute as we tried to fill each other in on everything we haven’t already told each other.

Along the way, we crossed into Maine, my first time in the state, and stopped for church. I really enjoyed how the church was set-up and run, and that they had actual singers to lead us in song, since my church at home often lacks in that department.

Once on the island, Merrill showed me around, providing a gorgeous view of the ocean, and we made dinner (Merrill’s delicious homemade mac and cheese!), sat on her deck and continued our chat.


Sunday afternoon we headed to the beach and basked in the sun for a few hours. This was only the third time I’ve been to a beach on the ocean and I loved how clear and perfectly blue the sky was. There weren’t that many beach-goers, and although the water was a little colder than I’d prefer, we still had a great time.




After a little longer in Maine, we headed back to New Hampshire. Once there, I partook in helping Merrill doctor up a frozen pizza and tried a piece for myself — we even ate at typical Merrill time, aka after 8 p.m. The pizza tasted great, and was quite photogenic, if I do say so myself.


Monday morning I went with Merrill to work, which involved taking the two girls she babysits to swim practice. Again, we sat poolside and watched as our mouths took over, filling each other in, yet again, on more happenings in our lives.

That afternoon we went hiking. We trekked through the woods until we found a waterfall and tried to avoid all of the bugs; even though we had applied bug spray, they were still buzzing all around us.


Tuesday morning I put all of the music we shared the night before on my iPod and puttered around while Merrill worked at camp. I was eagerly anticipating her return home, because we had a concert to get ready for!

That afternoon we met up with Merrill’s best friend Paige and drove to Boston. We had tickets to see American Authors, The Script and OneRepublic in concert.


It was an awesome show and I’m so glad I was able to make it! Merrill and Paige were most excited to see The Script, while I was pumped to see OneRepublic again. Even though their set had some of the same parts as last year’s show, I was pretty excited to re-live the concert experience again.




Above: OneRepublic’s opening song and (a blurry) Ryan Tedder performing on stage.

After the show we drove back to New Hampshire and tried to get as much sleep as we could. Wednesday morning Merrill went to work and I trekked back home, to New York.

I managed to visit four states in five days, which involved around 17 hours in the car (luckily I only have to drive 8 of those hours!).

It was a great mini-vacation, and definitely more relaxing than my first road trip. I am so glad I got to reunite with Merrill and spend a few days catching up and chilling with her! I can’t wait to see her again!


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