Cutting the Slack: Free Time for Fun

Yesterday was a big day.

Not only did I finish and hand in my senior thesis (I honestly can’t believe I’m done with that huge project!), but I also concluded my academic college experience. Even though I’ll still be on campus for another nine days, I’m done with classes, homework and final projects.

With all of this free time, I was finally able to try slack lining for the first time last night, something that’s been on my bucket list all semester.

My friend Teresa has a rope and she agreed to teach me her ways. I don’t have very great balance to begin with, so I didn’t quite know what to expect from this experience.

Teresa jumped right up onto the rope and walked across it effortlessly. She made it look easy.




When I climbed on, I immediately hated how high up I felt, even though my head couldn’t have been more than eight feet off the ground.


I took one step, lost my balance and immediately fell off. It was going to be a lot harder than I thought. (It probably would have helped if I had been able to control my laughing, too, but I was having such a good time that I couldn’t stop giggling.)


The more I tried it, and the more comfortable I got with the height, the better I got. I still wasn’t able to walk across the entire rope, but I was able take a few steps before losing my balance.

The secret is to hold your arms above your head. Then, as you feel yourself leaning to one side, move your arms out in the opposite direction to regain balance.

Since it started to rain, we packed up the slack line rope and headed to McCarthy: Teresa was going to give us a piano lesson.

Image I took piano lessons for a year in high school, but haven’t played much since. Our friends Suze and Monica joined us; they had never touched the ivory keys before.


Teresa taught us a very simple song. Learning to play it was much easier than slack lining!

As we watched the sunset from McCarthy, Teresa played popular, more complicated, pieces.


It was a lot of fun to learn something new while spending time with friends. I can’t think of a better start to summer.


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