Small Firsts for the Last Hurrah

This week has brought a lot of small firsts.

First, I hit the minimum page requirement for my senior thesis (25), which may be the longest academic paper I’ve ever written (fun fact: it’s actually going to be more than 25 pages long by the time I’m done). It felt good to have a (nearly) complete draft and to know I’m that much closer to being done! 

Second, I drove up to school with a passenger for the first time. Thank you, Gabby, for waking up so early and providing conversation and laughs as we drove past SO many construction zones.

Third, I participated in my first Alliot cup drop. In Alliot, the campus dining hall, students sometimes plan cup drops; other times they just knock them over on accident.

When I was a first-year, cup drops happened fairly frequently and had a bigger impact than they do now. I’d say it’s a dying Alliot tradition.

I realized that since I’m graduating in a few short weeks (eek!), time is running out to start a good cup drop.

I planned one Wednesday night at dinner, making sure that I had friends set up around the tables to ensure this would not be a failure.

As I waited for the high sign, I inched my empty, clear, plastic cup closer to the table’s edge. And then I elbowed it over. It clanked to the floor just as my friends all dropped theirs in succession. It was a success.


I’m glad I chose to do this Wednesday night, because Thursday at lunch Alliot switched to using paper cups and plates because the dishwasher is being fixed.

Cup drops are a tradition at our school and I’m glad I got to participate in one. 


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