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Small Firsts for the Last Hurrah

This week has brought a lot of small firsts.

First, I hit the minimum page requirement for my senior thesis (25), which may be the longest academic paper I’ve ever written (fun fact: it’s actually going to be more than 25 pages long by the time I’m done). It felt good to have a (nearly) complete draft and to know I’m that much closer to being done! 

Second, I drove up to school with a passenger for the first time. Thank you, Gabby, for waking up so early and providing conversation and laughs as we drove past SO many construction zones.

Third, I participated in my first Alliot cup drop. In Alliot, the campus dining hall, students sometimes plan cup drops; other times they just knock them over on accident.

When I was a first-year, cup drops happened fairly frequently and had a bigger impact than they do now. I’d say it’s a dying Alliot tradition.

I realized that since I’m graduating in a few short weeks (eek!), time is running out to start a good cup drop.

I planned one Wednesday night at dinner, making sure that I had friends set up around the tables to ensure this would not be a failure.

As I waited for the high sign, I inched my empty, clear, plastic cup closer to the table’s edge. And then I elbowed it over. It clanked to the floor just as my friends all dropped theirs in succession. It was a success.


I’m glad I chose to do this Wednesday night, because Thursday at lunch Alliot switched to using paper cups and plates because the dishwasher is being fixed.

Cup drops are a tradition at our school and I’m glad I got to participate in one. 


Everything’s Bigger in…COSTCO!

Everyone always talks about how great Costco is because of their jumbo packs of (nearly) everything and free samples galore. Back at home we have BJ’s, which is similar, just without all of the samples (at least last I checked, around 10 years ago).


When my friend Sarah told me her family had a Costco membership, I knew it was only a matter of time before we went; I had to see for myself what all of the hype is about. 

Last Friday Sarah and I went with our friend Alex. When we walked in and had to display the store card, it felt like we were entering an exclusive place, but I’m not so sure it’s all it’s cracked up to be.

Seeing such large packages of food is kind of disgusting. I can understand why my roommate would buy the huge box of goldfish, because it will last her nearly the entire semester. But if you’re not hosting a party, why would you need so much of EVERYTHING?! 

And how can people afford to buy so much in bulk? I understand that it saves money in the long run, but where do people store of all their purchases?

After wandering around the store and sampling caramel cheesecake, I ended up buying a three-pound container of peanut butter pretzel-filled nuggets. My mom first introduced me to them over spring break and now I’m addicted.


Realistically, do I need three pounds of pretzels? No. But I bought them anyway. That, my friends, is the secret to Costco’s success. 


Pizza Putt

Last night my suitemate Monica and I spontaneously decided to go to Pizza Putt for free pizza, arcade games and fun! Monica has been there before, but I had never gone.


The SMC Student Association sponsored it, and a free shuttle was offered to and from the venue. Monica and I drove so that we could leave when we were ready without having to wait for the next shuttle.

We started the night with a round of mini golf. I had never played mini golf inside before. I couldn’t help but think of my brother because he very much enjoys playing at the mini golf course back home; ironically, yesterday was National Siblings Day, so I missed him just a little bit more. 

I don’t think Monica was taking her game as seriously as she said she was, because I somehow beat her even though she played on her high school varsity golf team. After all 12 holes, I ended up getting par, 31 strokes. Monica got 37.


At the end of the course, we ran into some of Monica’s rugby friends and ended up playing a round of laser tag with them. That was a lot of fun, and I have to say it was an advantage that I happened to be wearing all dark colors. My team lost, but it was still a good time! 

All of that running around made us hungry, so we took a quick pizza break. It was gooey with cheese and delicious.

Finally, we went around and played the arcade games. Some were fun and others were quite boring. On one game, Monica won the jackpot on the first try and earned 340 tickets. She was quite pleased with her success.


At the end of the night, we had over 381 tickets even though we had given most of them away. As we looked at the prizes, we decided there was nothing we really wanted, so we ended up giving our tickets to a random girl — we wanted to make someone’s night (and I think we did).

I’m glad we got to go off campus and have some fun. Thanks again to Lauren and Jacob who organized this night out! 

Adventures > Homework > Sleep

“Are you kidding me? It’s so neat in here,” my friend Tyler said upon seeing my room for the first time.

I’ve always planned everything — from school, homework, meetings and extracurricular activities to when I eat, shower and catch up with friends.

Since there are only four weeks left in the semester until graduation, I decided that I would truly make the best of my quickly dwindling time at college.

Last weekend I went on my first impromptu adventure to Waterbury with my friends Amber and Meaghan. We started with a tour of the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory. I had been there once before when I first came to visit St. Mike’s. The smell of the sweet cream and sugar overwhelmed us as we happily sampled Triple Caramel Crunch.


Next, we went to Cold Hollow Cider Mill for the first time to taste fresh cider. Of course we couldn’t leave without buying apple cider donuts, which immediately brought me back to fall even though it was nearly 45 degrees outside — the first taste of spring in Vermont.

Finally, we went to the Cabot store to sample some cheese. I love cheese and could probably live on it. American, cheddar, sharp — you name it — I love them all.


I tried Everything Bagel cheese for the first time, which I’ll admit I was skeptical about. I was so surprised that it actually tasted like an authentic everything bagel, complete with onion, garlic and poppy seeds. I was so excited that I had to text my brother and inform him of this find.





When we returned to campus, Amber and I went for a run to justify all of the foods we had sampled earlier that day. That weekend I didn’t do any homework and instead chose to enjoy myself by relaxing with friends.

To continue with my newfound live-it-up attitude, I chose to give up sleep this week in an attempt to get ahead on my work. I don’t actually know how little sleep I got, but I can say that I got kicked out of the library at closing time two nights in a row. I saw 1 a.m. five days in a row, a new record of mine.

Part of the reason I have so much work is because I’m going on the LEAP retreat this weekend and will be without electronics and time to spend on my studies. I also just began writing my senior thesis, a daunting task, but one I’m very excited about.

Even though I’ve always tried to plan everything in my life, knowing that I have endless obligations my last weeks at college make me nostalgic about the freedom I had freshman year.

I’m glad Tyler opened my eyes to the rigid and constant structure of my life before it was too late to enjoy everything this time has to offer. Sometimes, we all need to remember to let loose and have fun.