Surviving the Drive

For the first time, I made the 230-mile trek home with company in the car.

Earlier this month I’d asked around to see if anyone who lives close by needed a ride home for Spring Break; everyone had already secured flights or made plans to go somewhere tropical.

But after an 18-inch snowstorm hit Burlington this week, my friend Suze’s bus was cancelled. I offered to drive her home and was happy to have someone to talk to while driving. Last minute, my friend Shawn also agreed to carpool with us.

We left campus at 1 this afternoon, starting out on snow-covered roads. Driving on VT-22A was tortuous at times. Plowing over ice patches frozen to the road at 55 mph was anything but exciting.

Things only grew more grim when Suze’s mix tape refused to play. Instead of singing along with Beyoncé, we had to settle with lots of OneRepublic (which no one objected to!).

We didn’t see anything too interesting, and surprisingly we didn’t come across many cops or traffic, either. However, we did witness a Megabus pass a car on a back road, which I never would have expected to see.

As we drove closer to New York, road conditions started to get better. Halfway through our adventure, the sun was shining and the roads were clear.

We exited the Thruway just after 5, and on the way to meet up with Suze’s dad, I got to be a tour guide for my town. I pointed out my middle school, the hospital I was born in, and the Walkway Over the Hudson.

It was nice having the opportunity to share this tedious drive with friends. Now to bask in the 50-degree weather predicted for this week!


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