Cookie Monster

In high school, I desperately wanted to successfully complete a New Year’s Resolution. I wanted to say I could stick to one thing from January through December.

Junior year I decided to give up cookies, a sweet treat I by no means loved. It was pretty easy; instead of eating Oreos or Chips Ahoy, I had ice cream or brownies.

When the year ended, however, I became a cookie addict. Chocolate chip, sugar, and oatmeal raisin — I loved them all.

I was surprised yesterday during Senior Seminar when my classmate, Atlas, brought in Milano cookies for snack. I had never had one of those before!


When I shared this morsel of information with him, he said I needed to have the experience. He passed along the package of double chocolate cookies and I took my first bite.

It was delicious. It was light and tasty on the outside, and the hint of chocolate on the inside completed this creation.

It was so good that I tried the mint chocolate variety, too. Good thing I didn’t give up cookies for this year’s resolution!


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