Free Pizza Friday

What is better than free food? Winning a voucher for free food and then enjoying it, of course! 

Last week, my suitemate Monica played the game “Um, Ah, or Like” on Star 92.9, the only radio station that streams clearly in my room. The name of the game is to talk about the random topic the DJs choose for 20 seconds without saying “um,” “ah,” or “like.”

This was the second time this school year that she’d won, so I decided to try my luck.

The very next day, Monica called in and handed me her phone. The call went through. That day’s topic was to talk about “my favorite TV show.” I started rambling about The Big Bang Theory, the first show to pop into my mind. Because I was half asleep, I stumbled to get my words out — but long story short — I won! (It also happened to be the first time I won a radio contest!)  

Monica and I won the same prize: two lift tickets to Mad River Glen, 2 movie passes, and a 20 dollar gift voucher to Zachary’s Pizza, Pasta, Subs & Fun.

Today we went to Zachary’s. It was my first time there and our first suitemate “date night,” as she preferred to call our adventure.


We only wanted to spend one of our vouchers, so we took a lot of time deciding what we wanted to eat that would get our total bill closest to 20 dollars without going over.

We finally decided on garlic knots as an appetizer. They were delicious and drowning in a tasty garlic sauce. For our main course, we chose to split a sausage calzone. Unfortunately, we forgot to photograph the calzone, but I can assure you we enjoyed it!


At the end of the night, when our waitress gave us the bill, we were shocked at how close we had come to spending the entire 20 dollars.You really can’t get any closer than $19.98!


Our suitemate bonding dinner gave us the perfect opportunity to chat about the new semester, since we’re so busy and don’t get to see each other often, and I got to try a new eatery ALL FOR FREE!



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