First Time Friday: Check

On the first weekend back on campus for the Fall 2013 semester, my suitemates exclaimed in unison at the fact that I’d never been to Panera. Their surprise only grew when they learned I’d never been to a wedding, worn plaid or skipped a class. 

This is how my concept of First Time Fridays was born. Last semester — all 15 weeks — I successfully challenged myself to try something new every Friday.

This semester, I plan on continuing the challenge, but with a small twist. Instead of limiting myself to just one day of the week, I’ll try something new any day, and then post an update on this blog. I’m still going to call it First Time Friday, even if it’s something I did on Wednesday or Saturday.

My First Time Friday this week is starting my own blog. Stay tuned to find out what I try this upcoming week! 


One thought on “First Time Friday: Check

  1. j@1m13 says:

    I am inspired! I think you should take suggestions for other “first time” activities.

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